Red Carpet Collection

On 30th May, Ece Şirin, the founder and creative director of Bee Goddess, the world's first talismanic jewellery brand was awarded  "Fashion Visionary of the Year" in the prestigious ELLE Style Awards 2022. 

By bringing together mythological symbols and their sacred meanings from around the world, Bee Goddess talismanic jewellery is a beautiful reminder to channel your inner divinity into your daily life, to elevate life from the ordinary to the magical and to connect with others beyond the boundaries of time and space. This ‘enlightened luxury’ is a reminder of our inherent wholeness and perfection. 

Ece is on a lifelong mission to be an evangelist of female entrepreneurs, promote spiritual values of fulfillment and empowerment and act as a beacon of light to others.  Her aim is to grow the light of the goddess around the world and shine the light so the whole world shines brighter.  This award is another step on this path.