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Sealed vessel of creation; 'a secret growth comes about inside the closed shell'
Egg, contains the seed to a life's beginning, the power of life, it is a symbol of Ishtar(Astarte) the fertility Goddess of love. The cosmic egg is associated with womb of a mother and its mystery. It symbolizes introversion safety, comfort and completion before rebirth. In alchemy the Philosopher's Egg symbolizes the seed of Spiritual life giving birth to a new stage of great transformation. The egg's white purity, the miracle of life contained within its blank shell, added other connotations, as in the egg is a symbol of promise. Being reborn from an egg invites energies as new life, freedom, extraversion, power, trust. From eggs are born gods and heroes.In one story Helen of Troy came from an egg that had fallen from the moon. Alternatively she was born from an egg laid by Leda, queen of Sparta, after she had coupled with a swan (the god Zeus in disguise). Nourish and care all your dreams till they are born.

Hope, wealth & health, rebirth, manifestation, self reflection,incubation, potentiality, protection, comfort, serenity

  • 14K Gold
  • 0.76 CT G-VS-SI Diamond
  • London Blue
  • 0.02 Ruby
  • 3 Cm Height
  • 42+5 Cm Chain
  • Adjustable
The Bee Goddess Certificate is awarded by Bee Goddess to certify the authenticity and integrity of specific Bee Goddess diamonds. 

Unlike the documentation that may accompany stones purchased elsewhere, the Bee Goddess Certificate is backed up by Bee Goddess' Full Lifetime Warranty. For details about this Warranty, please contact us.

The Bee Goddess Certificate and Warranty provides reassurance for today and many years from now.


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