Cate Blanchett in Sword & Eye Light Necklaces.




Sword of Light

Divine Gift
Sword symbolizes the ultimate power of a bright mind to begin a new journey in the mental realm. It represents the initiation into objectivity, logic, rationality and a higher consciousness. It gives the power of new ways of thinking and fresh insights to result in groundbreaking ideas. It also symbolizes the healing aspects of the mind to release negative patterns of thought.

The power of the mind, will power, intellect, fresh insights, objectivity, logic, rationality, new ways of thinking, clear perceptions, discernment, unity of thought and purity of reason.


The Symbol of Illumination
The eye is a symbol of Spirit and wisdom–it receives all the light and beauty of life, and shines it back into the world. As a symbol of awakening, enlightenment, and rebirth, the eye connects us to the light of our soul. Wearing a Bee Goddess ‘eye light’ talisman will open your heart to the light of spirit and its wisdom. The ‘eye light’ will connect you to the sacred knowledge of the self and enable you to see life with new and magical lenses. Allowing more light in, you will connect to your inner treasures and realize new paths, new opportunities in front of you. You will discover your ultimate divine truth and express it with ease. It will clear your life from all darkness and obstacles and help you focus on
a new direction. You will receive the hidden light within all creation to nurture your soul and have a clear vision of your soul’s destination. You
will be channeling energy in the most effective way, being at the right place at the right time, saying the right words at the right time always
being guided by your inner light.

New beginnings, rebirth, awakening, enlightenment, awareness, intuition, good luck, creativity, spiritual wisdom, focus, clarity, protection, healing, and illumination.