Natalia Vodianova Shines Bright in Bee Goddess at Paris Fashion Week



Attending the star studded Stella McCartney fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, Natalia Vodianova, Russian supermodel, style icon and entrepreneur chose Bee Goddess’ Honeycomb Earring as her talismanic jewel. This powerful symbol offers the wearer the powers of protection, harmony, unity, co-operation, fertility, abundance and fertility. 

Shining bright in this striking talisman, passionate philanthropist Vodianova shares a vision and philosophy with Bee Goddess’ founder Ece Şirin, of seeing the world as interwoven and connected, and promoting individual empowerment.  Bee Goddess inspires, empowers and connects and these jewels are for those, like Vodianova who like to follow their bliss and write their own myths to find a pathway to joy and personal fulfillment.