Super She Collection

Super She Collection


We live in a global village and the universal values of sport and sportsmanship empower people! We love courage, self-belief, community and teamwork.  Sport crosses borders, nations, ages and generations. 

These skilled sportsmen and sportswomen promote the spirit of MAGIC, going beyond borders. I believe that with this collaboration, we will add light to our shining national teams and together create a giant hive of light and love around the World.

 Each player is a jewel star that shines bright, who guides and inspires others to write their own myths and to realize their own potential.

We want to celebrate the SUPERPOWERS of these athletes. Our mission is to share the light of the team spirit and championship with the rest of the World.  Their success is our success; their joy is our joy. We play with spirit, we play with love, WE PLAY TO WIN. 

During a chat with the president of the Federation, I have learned that I am their first ever woman sponsor. You cannot imagine how proud I am as a woman and an entrepreneur to have such an incredible privilege. 

As a great friend of Bee Goddess, you are a part of this hive of light. Our mission is great, and I wish that all of us together will create huge success in this magical journey.