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Cybele Collection

Bee Goddess proudly unveils its exclusive 'Cybele Collection' as part of Beymen's 50th-year exhibition, 'Golden Opulence.' Drawing inspiration from the revered Anatolian goddesses—Artemis, Arinna, and Cybele—the collection pays homage to the divine feminine energy deeply embedded in Anatolia's rich heritage.

Each piece in the Cybele Collection is a manifestation of the magical transformation symbolized by these goddesses—symbols of birth, nurturing, growth, and renewal. Bee Goddess invites you to witness the fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary design, celebrating the essence of Anatolia's 500-year luxury journey.

Bee Goddess Cybele Collection at Beymen's Golden Opulence Exhibition >

Dare to Dream: Our New Exhibition

Beymen's 50th-year exhibition, 'Golden Opulence,' is a celebration of mystical heritage and luxury, featuring contributions from over 50 global brands. Among them, Bee Goddess draws inspiration from Anatolian goddesses for exclusive designs. The 'Cybele Collection,' paying homage to Artemis, Arinna, and Cybele, is showcased in this curated exhibition at Tophane-i Amire Cultural and Art Center.

Bee Goddess, the muse of inspiration, is revered as the Mother Goddess of 10,000 years in Anatolia. Our brand aims to disseminate the matriarchal values, cultural richness, and mystical treasures of Anatolia to the world. I draw inspiration from the power and magic of archetypal symbols that have carried the light of miracles through the ages, connecting billions of people with the same energy.

The 'Cybele/Kybele Collection,' which crowns the universal divine feminine energy rooted in Anatolia's DNA, honors Anatolian goddesses Artemis, Arinna, and Cybele. This collection celebrates the abundance, beauty, renewal, healing, goodness, elegance, sublimity, power, splendor, and miracles of Anatolia worldwide, emanating from the radiant hive of Bee Goddess. The inspiration for the Cybele Collection comes from the magical transformation symbol that gives birth, nurtures, looks after, grows, and renews. The three most special designs in the Cybele Collection, namely Queen Bee Artemis, Sun Goddess Arinna, and Cybele's Honeypot, pay homage to the essence of Anatolia's three main goddesses in a legendary composition. These designs are crafted to shine both together in a legendary composition and individually for you to wear.

Golden Opulence Exhibition x Ece Sirin

Golden Opulence Exhibition x Ece Sirin

“Eternal beauty lies within every woman, waiting to be awakened and celebrated. With The Queen Bee Cybele High Jewellery Collection exclusively designed for Beymen, we invite you to embrace the divine feminine within and unleash your inner goddess. Let the magic of Bee Goddess illuminate your path as you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and timeless elegance.”

Ece Sirin, Designer