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This December, Bee Goddess spreads her light and magic to Paris, the City of Love and Enlightenment, with a starring role in Netflix’s much anticipated third series of Emily in Paris.

Bee Goddess Founder and Designer Ece Sirin curated a bespoke range of the brand’s most iconic talismanic jewels for Emily in Paris, which were specifically selected to celebrate the messages of love, light, beauty, courage, wisdom, intuition, self-expression, enlightened luxury, female friendship and female empowerment which echo these themes in the show.

The series champions empowered women creating their own light and we follow heroine Emily, played by actress Lily Collins, as she embraces her life in Paris finding love and friendship, as well as landing her dream job.

Sirin believes that as modern women: mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, wives, partners, lovers, creators, we have many roles, many faces, but our greatest face has yet to be revealed to the world. Inside all women a pure force exists, our inner goddess, that needs to be released. To all women who are in the journey of self-discovery, like the inspirational female characters in Emily In Paris, Bee Goddess encourages them to trust their instincts and awaken the goddess within. Bee Goddess invites them to put their intuition in motion, follow their bliss and create their own myths.


Talismans featured in the new series include empowering designs each having unique resonance and meaning to the wearer, providing the magical light of the goddess philosophy.

Bee Goddess Founder and Creative Director Ece Sirin says, “These talismans function as a magnifier and a transmitter to bring various forces into your life from within. It was such a pleasure to create a curation for Emily in Paris; we created a special collection from our most loved iconic pieces, from the honey, queen bee, and starlight collections. They are talismans of love and beauty and express one’s inner divinity.

”Bee Goddess establishes ‘enlightened luxury’ as areminder of our inner light and our inherent wholenessand perfection.

Etymological root of luxury is ‘lux’; meaning light. Enlightenment is having more inner light.

Joy arises from within.

Embrace your own magic.