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Bee Goddess brings together timeless archetypal symbols and their sacred meanings from around the world. Its inspiration is the great mother goddess; the embodiment of love and compassion.

Its roots are nourished from alchemy, mythology, and the goddess philosophy.

The 10,000-year-old goddess is an altar to the female principle; the foundation of the creative source, wisdom, beauty, power, and grace.


High Jewelry Collection

The Cybele Collection Celebrating Miracles of Womanhood

An ode to the mystical powers and enduring grace of the divine feminine.

Discover a world where beauty, strength, and magic converge – welcome to the enchanting Cybele High Jewelry Collection.

We celebrate the essence of the magical feminine, paying homage to the wisdom, creativity, and miraculous powers that reside within every woman.

CYBELE is a journey of love, mysticism, and empowerment. It offers three exceptional pieces that symbolize the multifaceted nature of the divine feminine. This mythic triad, consisting of the QUEEN BEE ARTEMIS, SUN GODDESS ARINNA, AND CYBELE NECKLACES meticulously captures the timeless
aesthetic of Bee Goddess, weaving a web that connects the wearer to the miracles of womanhood.

Signature honeybees grace all three pieces, crafting a mystical trio.



Awaken the Goddess Within

Within the heart of the Cybele Collection lies the enchanting Cybele jewel, a symbol of life's
transformative and regenerative power. It pays homage to Cybele, the protector of mothers, the mother of life, and the goddess of fertility.

This extraordinary jewel serves as a powerful talisman of spiritual enlightenment and awareness, carrying the essence of feminine energy in all its glory.


Light of Life

Cybele, the source of life and the goddess of fertility; Inspired by the ancient symbolism of bees, honey and honeycombs, it celebrates the transformative and regenerative power of female energy. Bees' honey storage, love potion, magic honeycombs are known as spiritual light and power storage.

Cybele reflects the radiance of a loving heart and symbolizes the sweetness of life. Each honeycomb expresses the connection and perfect harmony of everything. Cybele gives good news of material and spiritual treasures to all women who add light and taste to life with the beauty and love of their heart.


Love, attraction, renewal, creativity, joy, elegance, splendor, harmony, unity, integrity

A Journey of Love and Unity

The Cybele Necklace is a testament to the profound connection between love, unity, and the magic of life. It embodies the purest form
of lovemaking; a creative, joyful ritual that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

Like the bees that work together diligently to create the honeycomb, this necklace emphasizes harmony and unity. Infused with
spiritual energy,

Embracing the Sweetness of Life

The Cybele honeycomb jewel symbolizes true love, cooperation and the interconnectedness of all things. Cybele embodies the sweetness of life, reflecting the nurturing qualities of femininity—creation, fertility, sustenance, abundance, and nourishment.


A Goddess of Miracles

At the heart of the Cybele Collection, Queen Bee Artemis shines as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment.

Artemis is a multifaceted goddess, embodying both the chaste virgin and the passionate lover, the nurturing mother, and the wise woman.

She represents wisdom, eternal youth, innocence, and boundless enthusiasm. With her gentle nurturing and creative spark, Artemis brings miracles into our lives, infusing our emotions, dreams, and relationships with beauty and completeness. Her presence imparts healing, care, and inner peace, nurturing our souls.

"This magnificent piece pays tribute to Artemis, the eternal soul of the world, embodying the very essence of life and the zenith of femininity.”

Ece Sirin


Queen Bee, who shines on her throne throughout life, reflects the strong woman who does not compromise on her freedom, independence, leadership and magnificence and her light of miracles.

Bees, the elixir of the perfect woman's strength, beauty and eternal youth, are symbols of spiritual enlightenment, hope and light. 'Queen Bee', the supreme expression of femininity, shares the secret of reaching the light at the core of everything and adding sweetness to life; It heralds creative, regenerative and enriching energy. The Queen Bee and the shining honey bees next to her give the gift of love, loyalty, commitment, unity, harmony, solidarity and cooperation.


Miracles, Magnificence, majesty, leadership,

Light, purification, enlightenment, abundance, abundance, creativity, inspiration,

Love, commitment, family, friendship,

Determination, working with pleasure, cooperation, harmony
protection, healing



The Arinna jewels pay homage to the radiant spirit of Arinna, the sun goddess of Alacahöyük.

The Arinna jewel is a symbol of your inner light; invites you to embrace the radiant journey of womanhood, celebrating the eternal youth and joy of the feminine energy.

With each wear, you'll immerse yourself in the warmth of the sun, embodying the joy, love, and creative power that define the divine feminine. Awaken your radiance with the Arinna jewels and shine brighter than ever before.


Arinna, the love and light talisman inspired by Arinna, the sun goddess of Alacahöyük, celebrates the eternal youth and joy of the female energy. Arinna's three spheres of light symbolize the stages of a woman as a young girl, mother, and wise woman, sweet as honey and bright like the sun. This special design expresses the feminine energy of healing and sweetening life with creativity, joy, and love.

With their unifying power, honey bees shining among the spheres herald the integrity of a body shining with health, a mind shining with wisdom, and a heart shining with love. Honeybees also bring together the light of sweet moments in the past, hopes in the future, and true happiness in the present, expressed by the three spheres. Sun globes designed with special cushion-cut citrine stones with purifying energy give the gift of positive energy, the joy of life, motivation, and success.


Joy, healing, elation, optimism, love,

Abundance, success, self-confidence, courage, physical and mental strength,

Integrity: Body-mind-heart / Past- future - present / Young Girl - Mother - Wise Woman

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