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Bee Goddess jewelry brings together timeless universal symbols and their sacred meanings from around the world in a way which promotes personal enlightenment and empowerment through spiritual values.

Its inspiration is goddess philosophy and the 10,000 year old Great Mother is the embodiment of love and compassion, the foundation of creativity, wisdom, beauty, power and grace. Timeless sacred symbols are woven throughout the collections, take the wearer on a spiritual and mythological journey towards one’s own inner divinity. The archetypal symbols are keys to connect to our inner nature and unlock the power of our subconscious, reflecting the true wisdom of the soul.

As a symbol appears in your life, it usually marks the beginning of change.Each design acts as a bridge to an inner realm or hidden treasure, bringing alive the depths of the unconscious to become clear invisualizations and dreams. When wearing a piece of Bee Goddess jewellery, we are inspired and encouraged to unleash oursoul’s potential.


As one of the symbols of the goddess Ishtar (Astarte), queen of the heavens, the eight-rayed Venus star is a symbol of love and new beginnings. As the morning and the evening star; Venus is the light bringer. Venus star is a symbol of creation and a gateway to heaven. It gifts a life enchanted through love and beauty and the power to attract everything that makes life worth living.

Splendor, new beginnings, renewal, equilibrium, rebirth, love and beauty, attraction, intimacy, tenderness.


Flower of Heavens
Five pointed star, known as Sirius or Al Shira symbolizes the spiritual light emanating from the heart and someone shining bright like the light itself. The blazing star of hope is Sirius, represents harmony and unity; the marriage of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, heart and mind; combining the number two (terrestrial and feminine) with three (heavenly and masculine). Sirus Star will bring you beauty and abundance through union and wholeness.

Health, unity, perfection, luck, wholeness, beauty.


The star of enlightenment is the Jardin Star, feauturing 11 points. 11 is a divine number symbolizing the highest level of spiritual insight and vision.

Inspiration, creativity, belief, desire, and imagination.


The seven-pointed star is a symbol of synthesis, completion and perfect order. The four points represent the Earth and the three points represent the inspiration of heavens-thus the heaven on Earth. Seven is the mystical and magical number represents the seven steps, seven layers of anything that is complete and whole like the seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes of the musical scale, seven days of the week, seven inner planets circling around the sun. In order to manifest something we need to imagine its completeness and wholeness within. Seven is the last step of completion. It helps us to fulfill any task.

Synthesis, completion, glory, victory and beauty of wholeness, perfection.


Eternal Love
The Moon and the North Star represent the soul shining a light on the spirit. The feminine receives the light of creation, either the female receiving the male, or the soul receiving the light of inspiration to become whole. It is a harmony of soul and spirit, heart and mind, man and woman. The Crescent is our emotional chalice, and the eight-rayed star of Venus is symbolic of the light of love and new beginnings.This symbol, also known as OSRAM NE NSOROMMA, reflects the harmony created by the union between a man and a woman.

Marriage, fidelity, patience, eternal love and new beginnings in all relationships.


The Crescent is a symbol of the Moon Goddess, as well as the element of water–the source of life and fertility. The New Moon is therefore symbolic of new beginnings and rebirth.

Intuition, inspiration, rebirth, new beginnings, growth, and nourishment.

Vision and Wisdom
Adwo symbolizes peace, hope, and passion. Leaders wear this symbol to have a fair vision and open mind to lead his followers. In conveys deeper and clear reflections through serenity, wisdom and empowerment.

Clarity, peace of mind, sustainability, wisdom.

Triple Goddess, Complete Woman
The three phases of the goddess are represented in three interconnected spirals. Represents all stages of female life: young girl, mother and wise woman. She endows the nature and wisdom of all three phases simultaneously.

Innocence, youth, fertility, wisdom.

Spiral of Potential Energy
Expression of love energy -connects spiritual and material dimensions, unites life with love. The ancient yogis of India considered it the most powerful of all known geometric power symbols, representing the sound of creation - OM. It attunes you to unconditional love and makes it easier to claim it more fully in life. Helps you see your way to compassion and forgiveness.

Compassionate and unconditional love, spiritual intuition, wisdom, evolution, unity, and growth.